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We serve the Tampa Bay area, as well as the entire state of Florida.

What is personal injury?

A personal injury claim results from the negligence of one party causing injury to another. An injury may be caused from a car or motorcycle crash, boating accident, slip and fall, or exposure to a defective product. You should seek a personal injury lawyer to explain the different types of personal injury matters and your legal rights.

Blick Law Firm handles many types of personal injury cases including:

• Automobile/Motorcycle Accidents • Slip and Fall Injuries • Premises Liability, Including Mold Exposure • Products Liability • Dog Bites • Marine and Boating Accidents • Wrongful Deaths

Our Philosophy

At the law firm, all are welcome and encouraged to stop by to speak with the attorney. Blick Law Firm endeavors to adhere to its Christian values and beliefs, while welcoming and serving clientele of all backgrounds.

Pratt admission essay

Blick Law Firm’s mission is “Helping the Hurting.” Grounded in Christian values, the firm strives to not only meet the legal needs of its clients and their families, but also to provide physical and emotional support. We treat each client equally and with the utmost respect, offering high-quality legal representation and counsel to those who need us most.

Our Vision

Blick Law Firm will be recognized for providing superior legal representation throughout the local community as well as the entire state of Florida. We will serve not only the immediate legal needs of our clients, but also strive to address their overall well-being by helping instill hope for the future through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Giving Back

Christian Lawyers give back to the community in more ways than legal aid. Blick Law Firm makes charitable donations, contributing up to 10 percent of its annual income to charity or similar non-profit organizations as they have established relationships with over a dozen organizations, ranging from St. Jude’s Children Hospital to Suicide Prevention Organizations.

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Blick Law Firm is grounded in Christian values, & strives to meet the legal needs of its clients & their families, while providing physical & emotional support.
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